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Webinar on "DevOps with Docker and Kubernetes"

Topic: How DevOps is changing IT industry

In the current IT industry, DevOps is one of the best platforms to choose. The DevOps skill is one of the hot-cakes of the market. As per the surveys , more DevOps Engineers are required in 2020. To improve your learning curve and to switch your career a new platform this webinar helps/guides to the correct path.This Program makes you clear with DevOps Platform. You will get complete picture on each tool that is involved in DevOps . This webinar gives you knowledge on tools like Git , Jenkins, Ansible, Puppet, Docker , Kubernetes, Splunk, Nagios, Prometheus.

When: May 2, 2020 | Time: 3 P.M. IST | Duration: 2 Hours


DevOps describes a new culture and a set of practices that bring development and operations teams to work together to achieve CICD. It allows organisations to create and deliver products at a faster pace than they can with traditional software development approaches. It helps to standardise/improve the current working model of projects. Also with the implementation of new technologies like Docker and Ansible, it is easy to host/deploy your existing apps and manage environment configurations.

Topics to be covered

  • Evolution of IT Industry
  • Waterfall > Agile > DevOps
  • Monolithic > N-Tier > Micro Services
  • Physical > VM > Container
  • On-premise > Cloud
  • CI/CD Concepts
  • Various Tools and Technologies involved
  • The Future Picture.


  • Getting knowledge on New technologies
  • Understanding the Future scope
  • Options to switch for better career
  • How industry is getting changed

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Solutions Architect & Corporate Trainer
Expert trainer in conducting Practical Oriented Workshops.

Delivered Numerous Trainings on Various Technologies like WebSphere, Weblogic, DevOps, Docker , Ansible, Jenkins and Kubernetes.


  • AWS Solutions Architect Associate
  • Docker Certified Associate
  • Certified WebSphere Administrator
  • Certified ITIL V3 Foundation

Experience:10+ years of total experience in IT Training and Infrastructure Management.

Role's served:

  • DevOps Solutions Architect
  • Senior Leader of Devops Engineering Team.

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