About us

As a wholly women-owned, innovative team, ThinkWright is geared to provide relevant services and solutions in today’s day and age, cutting across various domains such as learning, training and up- skilling; successfully delivering enriching experiences and high-end services to our customers across the landscape. Our domain knowledge, talent pool, expertise, and goodwill are unrivaled, positioning our services as ‘second to none’ and the most logical solutions to our customers’ needs and challenges, therefore, securing ourselves as a high-quality, value-oriented provider of niche services in the current competitive marketplace.

Iamge Description

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our efforts to build a better, greener tomorrow are implemented on an enterprise-wide scale with the objective of making a positive impact in the larger community.

Measureable Goals

Our resolution to reduce energy conservation by 5% and increase recycling by 15% by the end of 2019 is a goal we work toward every day on an enterprise-wide scale. We seek to steadily curb our carbon footprint while making a positive impact on our community and environment all around us.

Emission Control

ThinkWright constantly works towards minimizing emissions and energy consumption, recognizing that every growing enterprise contributes to making a global impact in terms of a greener tomorrow. Further, we work to empower and encourage our employees as well, to exercise their inculcated skills that help create a measurable, positive impact on communities around them.

Awareness and Training

We, at ThinkWright, work together proactively to empower our employees, and further, members of society in their respective communities. We integrate strong bonds of teamwork along with individual and organizational responsibilities, into every aspect of our company. With this in mind, we pursue the highest standards of social responsibility, whether working with our clients or alongside our own people, and aim to continually set new standards.

Assessment and Audits

We routinely monitor and measure our green initiatives and energy goals, as well as our waste management locally with all facilities having a regular a program. We also maintain physical records that help determine our rate of success in every endeavor undertaken, ensuring our efforts are always on track.

About Our Skills

With our deep domain understanding and expertise in industry-relevant platforms and technologies such as Java, Oracle, and so on, our strength lies in our core capability to deliver technology-oriented solutions that are relevant in today’s hyper-competitive job market.

Our experts are highly experienced, specialized professionals when it comes to the latest trends and technologies. Furthermore, our consultants work in IS / IT departments for a wide variety of industries performing critical functions such as ERP implementation, internet / intranet development and software quality assurance.

Through our experience in consulting, outsourcing and training, specializing in the business of infrastructure services and talent management solutions, we have been able to grow rapidly in terms of technologies and services offered.

We bring this relevant expertise to learning, up-skilling and leadership training, offering a practical approach to real-world problems.

Communication 95%

Teamwork 100%

Adaptability 90%

Problem Solving 95%

Mission, Vision & Values

Our efforts to build a better, greener tomorrow are implemented on an enterprise-wide scale with the objective of making a positive impact in the larger community.


Our mission is to deliver industry-relevant solutions through our experts who are highly experienced and specialize in training and holistic talent development solutions.


To enable enterprises in the new economy to be competitive by helping them with enterprise agility in terms of resource optimization and leadership training.


As a people-centric, forward-looking enterprise, we value our relationships with our clients. Our solutions are ultimately a people-to-people dynamic.

About Us

ThinkWright Learning Services is a learning, training, and leadership development solutions provider with a primary focus on application software development, product development, web development and remote DBA support services – for its clients.

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WeWork Salapuria Symbiosis, Arakere Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560077